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What is Reputation Management and Why Should You Care?

Review Websites are supposed to help customers find the right products and services. Unfortunately, many of your competitors may be unscrupulous and post negative reviews and “testimonials” of your product or service. A good business reputation can take a long time to create, but it can be ruined in an instant by one negative post that shows up in the first pages of results. Legal action is possible, but that takes time, and meanwhile, you will have potentially lost a lot of money.

This abuse of the system takes aggressive action to correct, and that is what we do with our Reputation Management services. Reputation Management will not remove the negative comments, but it can push them down so far the list of results so that customers are not likely to see them. Studies show that 90% of people do not go past the first three pages of search results. Now more than ever, businesses need help to create a positive image, and our comprehensive Reputation Management will help you keep a positive online image.

Some Strategies of Effective Reputation Management

In addition to ensuring that your company has a sparkling image online, our team of Reputation Managers at Ractors will make sure that you get positive links about your website. We understand that it is not the number of links to other websites that counts, but the quality of those links. What follows is a short list of some strategies that we will use to make sure your online image is stellar.

Creating Sister Sites
Creation of sister sites that target specific keywords of your main website. These sister sites will complement the content of the first page of results. Of course, these sites will be high-quality sites, not just more internet “junk.”
Social Media Exposure
Creation of new profiles in social media places such as Facebook and MySpace. We will use aggressive reputation management strategies to ensure good rankings for your company.

RSS Feeds
Publication of frequently updated works such as blogs, news, video and audio materials. We will create and distribute press releases and content articles for the first page of your results.

Blog Sites
Creation of blogs and engage in blogging. This will guarantee fresh content to support your company’s online reputation. More and more, modern businesses are finding that a well-managed blog is essential. We can take care of that for you.

Multi-Media Platforms
The use of a variety of techniques such as making videos to enhance your image in all areas.

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