We are the global leader in providing social cloud service and solutions to our clients. We are providing strategic insights to our clients and help them to grow further. We help our clients to transform in this challenging world through social clouds. Though we are headquartered in Dehradun, we are getting customers from all over the world. It is because of our high quality solutions, operational leadership, strategic consulting, etc.

Social networking platforms have changed the communication and interaction pattern of people. Today, people are engaging more in platforms such as Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. It has become the vital source of sharing and exchanging information. It improves communication between individuals who spread globally. As a social cloud service provider, we know your tastes, preferences and requirements.

We are offering a wide range of social cloud services to our clients. So, you can manage your entire firm effectively and efficiently. Our social cloud platform is very powerful, which enables you to achieve and maintain long term benefits. We are also efficient in deploying these services rapidly and effectively. You can derive the greatest value and performance by using our social cloud services.

We are committed to provide long term success to our customers by offering them social cloud, consulting and support services. We support every phase of the life-cycle of your business. Our customers are aware that we are guided by high level of creativity, commitment, and the spirit of true partnership. We understand your challenges, so we are coming with myriad opportunities. We also have deep industry expertise together with comprehensive social cloud solutions. This is highly beneficial for companies to achieve greater return on investment.

We are investing a human factor in all our cloud service so, customers are constantly depending on our services. All our principles are customer centric. So, clients always come to us for getting dependable cloud solutions and for keeping a mutually beneficial partnership.

In fact, our technology is the technology of our customers. So, we are reinvesting into our technology constantly. We aim to provide highest quality service to our customers. Therefore, our cloud solutions are cutting edge, secure and affordable. We are also offering friendly and personalized services to our clients.

Our team is efficient in handling the needs of our customers effectively. We are also efficient in solving your problems as well. We offer a wide range of services to our clients. We are one of the true innovators in social cloud. You can access our services in an affordable price as well. We offer services, which can dramatically scale to meet the needs of our clients.

In order to provide you world class security, we combine the most robust logical and physical methodologies. You may not get time to handle your work always due to constant traveling. In such situation, we can provide you full support. Our team of employees are coming with years of experience in this field. So, they are able to handle your problem effectively and efficiently.

We offer highly powerful social cloud services to make your brand famous and generate more revenue. Social cloud is the best option for making your brand famous. So, partnering with us will be the best option for growing your company further.

Our process is simple yet efficient. With sole aim of ensuring that you get the best out of your social media presence, we have developed a four pillar process that is guaranteed to bring you the best results. According to our research, the reason why many individuals as well as companies do not benefit from social media opportunities is because they do not even understand what they should do. In the end, they find themselves concentrating on things that do not add any value while ignoring those that matter most. If you use our services, we shall do the following.


There are several ways through which we evaluate the effect of our services on your business. After certain duration, we can take a look at the increase of traffic to your site as a proof that this is workable. We also analyze the increase of followers or fans to your page within certain duration. Other ways through which we evaluate your success is through the number of shares of your page and how many times it is mentioned across several social networks. You definitely will like it when you see the amazingly huge difference.

Engaging Your Audience

We understand very well that the only way we can get your customers to keep following you on social media is by engaging them. They need to be made to feel part of the business. This is the reason why we produce and share high value content that will make them to always want to come back for more. Apart from that, we keep them up to date with the trending topics so that they will feel that your page is adding some value to their lives. We regularly run contests and start discussions that keep them glued to your page.

Full Optimization

Our next step is to optimize your profile across several networks and websites. We do this by identifying the most relevant social media websites that are likely to add some value to your business. We do not just start using any site until we are sure that it is a good one. Under this process, we increase brand recognition by coming up with the right content. We do not just post content here or there; we make sure that it is linked to the right websites through identification of the most suitable links.

Thorough Research

We start by identifying what your business is about and the things that could be hindering it from getting the best out of social media. Under this step, we set out to check your profile and fitness just to see how they are fairing. We then proceed to revisit your social goals to see just what you have not been doing right. We also take a look at your competitors because they definitely are the ones who are taking away your potential clients and this denying you business. This makes it possible for us to come up with brand guidelines that will propel your business to the next level.

Better social media management ensures optimal product marketization and brand awareness in minimum time. Any investment of time and money on social media sites are useless unless there is an effective management service in place. Statistics show that the number of active people on the popular social media sites are so massive that it can take just a few months of effort to transform a new start up into a popular brand name and gigantic organization.

Some Quick Points to Note About Social Media Sites

  • On average, most Americans spend around 27 percent of the total available hours in a day on the social media websites.
  • It has been seen that an average of 400 million tweets are sent a day.
  • Almost 4.75 billion pieces of content are shared on the Facebook daily.
  • Most Facebook users are active during the lunch time and after 7pm.
  • People following Tweets prefer to be active after 5pm.

These are the common patterns which have been recorded and evaluated by the experts. A startup can make a great use of this information and build a huge audience base for its brand and organization.

Social Media For Business Growth

  • Young and tech savvy audiences are crazy about social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This means, with proper social media management plan in place, a business can target the prospective audience.
  • Social media sites are quick mean to reach the target audience. So, they are better options for faster connectivity.
  • Messages, content and videos shared on social media sites go viral easily. That’s why they are considered the best platform to create a hype for a new as well as an established brand.
  • Social media sites are cost effective than any other branding and advertising methods. So, they’re unquestionably a better choice for any small and growing organizations.


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